Архив рубрики: Tony Bear and friends Live Wallpaper

Tony Bear #livewallpaper was updated!

We are added some new features in  Tony Bear live wallpaper:

— Now Tony can see night sky.
— When screen is locked, tony sleeps.
— You can switch on automatic change between night sky and the room.

Free Version of “Tony Bear” Live Wallpaper released!

We have released the free version of our live wallpaper «Happy Tony» live wallpaper.


Android app on Google Play

«Tony Bear» live wallpaper is available on the Google Play store.


We are pleased to announce the release of the new live wallpaper » Tony Bear» for Android.

Live Wallpaper from the series «Tony Bear and friends» ©

«Tony Bear» ©

Bear Cub: blinking,
monitors your actions,
smiles and blinks, narrows his eyes.
He is happy and thinks about his girlfriend Lisa.

Tony enjoys sun,
Loves you.
He feels worried when battery is low.

Live Wallpaper supports all screens.

The images of the bear «Tony» and pandas «Lisa», the concept of characters — is subject to copyright and belong to the authors: Sergey Kolesov and Sergey Mikhaylov.

Android app on Google Play