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Our recommendations — PlayPad Kids Launcher & PlayPad Parental Control

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PlayPad Kids Launcher for AndroidPlaypad parentalcontorl

— Scared to give your device to kids, because they can screw it up?
— Would like to obtain control of the device you have just bought your child?
— Tired of having to argue with kids while trying to pull the device out of their hands?

This application offers solution to the above problems as well as to a wide range of questions about parental control and kids safety.

PlayPad Parental Control has been developed specifically with the aim of empowering parents by enabling them to remotely control (http://bit.ly/18re5ZA) the settings on Kids Launcher, and also track their child’s location.

-Ability to track your child’s location.
— Lets a child launch only the permited applications.
— The access to buying options and launching of Google Play applications can be blocked.
— The activity time for any application can be limited (for example, to 2 hours per day).
— The option of incoming/outcoming sms and calls can be blocked.

— Block the launching of any applications, which are outside the ‘allowed’ list.
— Prevent the device settings being changed.
— Pin-code access to parental control settings and exit from “the kids shell”.

There are plenty of applications that allow you to draw on white paper, while in PlayPad only you can use the black one. For access just swipe the screen to the right.

The application is designed in a simple child-friendly way, which appeals to both kids and adults.

Install it.