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Plasticine Christmas Widgets for Android

Our small simple gifts for all users of Google Play and fans of our Apps!

★ Plasticine countdown to Christmas or New Year; (You can setup one of several dates: Christmas, New Year or set yours date for countdown.);
★ Plasticine Christmas tree widget (Simple static Christmas tree from Plasticine Square Live Wallpaper);
★ Plasticine Snowman widget (Simple static snowman from Plasticine Square Live Wallpaper);

Enjoy this gifts, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!

For Android 4.X or better.
Better with Live Wallpapers from Kolesov & Mikhaylov.

Get it on Google Play:

Plasticine Christmas Widgets for Android

«KM Winter town» Live wallpaper for #Android.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year our fans!
Introducing the new work made of plasticine — Live Wallpaper «Plasticine square».
Now you can enjoy Christmas and New Year with our new live wallpaper made of plasticine.

Be sure to install this beautiful Christmas and New Year square on your phone or tablet. For Android 4.X or higher;
App features:
★ Time of the day in real-time
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Three color of ice!
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Ice skating boy!
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Birds!
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Truck!
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Tramway!
★ Day, Morning, Evening | Sounds of vehicles!
★ Night | Beautiful night mode!
★ Night | Fireworks!
★ Night | Moon and stars!
★ Night | Christmas lights on christmas tree!
★ Christmas lights | Five programs!
★ Weather settings | Clouds
★ Weather settings | Wind speed
★ Weather settings | Snow

Get it on Google Play (Paid or Free version):

Plasticine square for AndroidPlasticine square Free for Android

«KM New Plasticine City» Live wallpaper for Android

Do you like big cities like New York or London?

Introducing the new work made of plasticine — «New Plasticine City» Live wallpaper!
Now you can enjoy the magnificent big city with subway.
! Live Wallpaper. «New Plasticine City».

App features:

★ Subway;
★ Funny colorful cars, street, and buildings made of plasticine(clay);
★ GREAT FEATURE — Live wallpapers in Live wallpaper. Big outdoor video screen on central building that shows Live wallpapers.
★ Day | Time of day (Realtime, Day, Night);
★ Night | Beautiful night mode!
★ Night | Lights in windows switching on/off;
★ Vehicles | Different types of vehicles (Police car, Ice Cream Truck, Taxi, Pickup truck);
★ Vehicles | Police car;
★ Vehicles | Taxi;
★ Vehicles | Ice Cream Truck with Ice Cream Truck Song;
★ Vehicles | Pickup truck;
★ Vehicles | Car sounds;
★ Weather | Auto-generated weather;
★ Weather | Custom settings of weather;
★ Weather | Settings of wind speed ;
★ Weather | 3 types of rain;
Weather | Car | Street | Funny | light | for tablet | Vehicles | Subway

Get it on Google Play (Paid or Free version):

New Plasticine City for AndroidNew Plasticine City Free for Android
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Our recommendations — PlayPad Kids Launcher & PlayPad Parental Control

We proudly present useful app from our partners.

PlayPad Kids Launcher for AndroidPlaypad parentalcontorl

— Scared to give your device to kids, because they can screw it up?
— Would like to obtain control of the device you have just bought your child?
— Tired of having to argue with kids while trying to pull the device out of their hands?

This application offers solution to the above problems as well as to a wide range of questions about parental control and kids safety.

PlayPad Parental Control has been developed specifically with the aim of empowering parents by enabling them to remotely control (http://bit.ly/18re5ZA) the settings on Kids Launcher, and also track their child’s location.

-Ability to track your child’s location.
— Lets a child launch only the permited applications.
— The access to buying options and launching of Google Play applications can be blocked.
— The activity time for any application can be limited (for example, to 2 hours per day).
— The option of incoming/outcoming sms and calls can be blocked.

— Block the launching of any applications, which are outside the ‘allowed’ list.
— Prevent the device settings being changed.
— Pin-code access to parental control settings and exit from “the kids shell”.

There are plenty of applications that allow you to draw on white paper, while in PlayPad only you can use the black one. For access just swipe the screen to the right.

The application is designed in a simple child-friendly way, which appeals to both kids and adults.

Install it.

«KM Plasticine widgets Lite» for Android

KM Plasticine widgets Lite for Android

Our first widgets.

★ Clock widget;
★ Battery widget (four colors of batteries);
★ Switch widget (Airplane mode turn on/off switch; Bluetooth turn on/off switch; Sync turn on/off switch; Wi-Fi turn on/off switch; GPS turn on/off switch; Sound turn on/off switch).

Especially for fans Plasticine Live wallpapers;

KM Plasticine widgets ico for Android
Get it on Google Play for free!

Plasticine widgets

We will have to make gift for all fans of «Plasticine Live wallpapers» at next few weeks!
Soon you’ll can have more tools made of plasticine, like «Plasticine Clocks», «Plasticine Battery» or «Plasticine switches» in totally fresh app: «KM Plasticine widgets Lite».

KM Plasticine widgets Lite for Android

Plasticine town #livewallpaper released on #Android

The latest and greatest Live wallpaper made of plasticine is here! Be the first to experience the latest App — «Plasticine town» Live wallpaper.

Get it on Google Play:
Plasticine town Live wallpaper for Android Plasticine town Free Live wallpaper for Android