Habitr — Habits and Goals. New App from our friends!

Habitr will help you to make a habit of something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time! You can make it work in 21 days!
Are you tired of useless hopes like “I’ll start it on Monday” which has ended in months and even years? You can start a new life with Habitr today!

Habitr will help you:
• to wake up early in the morning;
• go in for sports regularly;
• study a foreign language and overcome this language barrier;
• make any of your occasional activities a real habit;

You are just 21 days away from your new Habit! We can give you a helping hand!

How do we know it’ll work?!
You pick a goal, find and scan its bar-code (it can be a real one or you can create it yourself) then you make a bet on it. So, welcome to the game!

There’s just one rule- don’t miss a single day out of these 21, otherwise you lose your bet.

Why do you need the bar-code?
Each bar-code is your key checkpoint. You can’t point your task as a fulfilled one until you scan the attached bar-code. The Habitr will check whether you’re being honest achieving your goals.

Why do you need to make a bet on your habit?
Bet is your real money , from your real bank account . The only way to have your money back is to make it up to the end and finally get a new habit within 21 days. It’s a good motivation ,isn’t it?
Note: we don’t receive your money or get any of your personal details, all pavement transactions are done through PayPal service.

Here’re some life hackers:

HABIT: to wake up early in the morning.
LIFE HACK: Use the bar-code on your toothpaste after brushing your teeth and you wouldn’t be tempted to go back to bed.

HABIT: to go to the gym.
LIFE HACK: use the bar-code on one of the posters in the gym. Use Habitr, go in for sports and remember the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

HABIT: to read a lot of books.
LIFE HACK: print the bar-code and use it as a bookmark. Scan it every time you start reading. Get involved in this fascinating process of reading and expand your horizons.

HABIT: to be on time to work.
LIFE HACK: print the bar code and stick it to your desk at work ,so you can scan it before you have your morning cup of coffee with colleges . Being punctual is a good thing.

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Change your life in 21 days. Keep on finding new goals and making them your real habits.


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